Saturday, April 8, 2017

University One Month In

Whhhhhhhaaatttt. I can't believe that I've been attending university for over a month. It's been kind of crazy but also calm, underneath. I've learnt some things and done some things, but here's the best parts so far

it felt the same as when you jump off a boat or the wharf - you don't give yourself time to think, but then in those long second you're falling everything goes through your head, mostly whhhhhhhhyyyyy, then you hit the water and come up fine.

i. time is of the essence. to do well, and still enjoy yourself, you need to use every minute. no time to decorate your notes or planner or something else that might sounds nice, but is really a waste of time. practical and functional is the way to study, my friends (unless your like super arty and it's how you learn or something, then go right on ahead).

ii. first day (or week!) jitters? (spoiler: let them fly free). lose the jitters asap. harder than it sounds, i know. but you'll be glad once the hard part of introducing yourself is over, or you're learning about something you love, alongside people who also enjoy it.

iii. people are very cool. you meet so many people. not all of them will stick, but if you click with someone, or you want to get to know them better, chase them up! pretty much everyone else is looking for new friends as well, but they don't always feel confident about reaching out. i add people on facebook so i can find them again (and remember their names!).

iv. pick out the people you want to study with from the start, and talk to them about it. i picked someone out of my algebra class on the first day, and we spend about 5 hours a week studying together outside of class. we have good yarns, but we also get work done because that's what we come to do. our grades haven't been too shabby so far, either.

v. learn to say no. i came to uni with friends from high school, and we've all made other friends and pulled into this huge, messy, wonderful group. i love how different everyone is, with their own cool life story, and that we can all hang out and have a good laugh. but "come hang out for an hour" turns into four hours without you even noticing. learn to say "not now" or close facebook. set out your boundaries for a focused period of study (it's okay, you're allowed to do that!).

It really boils down to finding that work/life balance, human beans. How's school/college/university going for you? What cool things are you learning? 
Opal loves university, no lie (even with all these assignments (help!!)).